Infrared Sensor Smart Car Charger

New 10w wireless charger, wireless car charger holder, car phone holder, infrared sensor smart wireless charger manufacturer wholesale.

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PC Fireproof Material, ABS, ABS + Glass


7.5W, 5W, 10W








Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver

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Suitable devices: 4.0-7.0 inch universal
Output power: 10W (max)
Rated input: 5V/2A
Charging efficiency: >72%
Working temperature: 0~45℃
Sizes: 64,7mm*103.1mm*13.4mm

Accessories: air outlet buckle + desktop suction cup + 1m long charging cable



1. 10W high power, intelligent opening and closing sensors, super-fast charging, smart compatible.
2. Supports wireless super-fast charging, gets rid of low battery anxiety.
3. Wide variety of models, the clamp arm is flexible and adjustable for 4-inch to 7-inch screen models with unlimited use.(Suitable for mobile phone width 65-92mm and thickness<12mm.
5. Smart opening and closing: built-in infrared sensor, mobile phone close, the clamp arm automatically close locking, strong clamping force is easy to fall off, easy to deal with all kinds of bumps. Touch the sensor key behind the easy unlock, easy to operate.
6. Electric induction, stable support: double protection(triangle fixation+infrared sensor), stable support, even on bumpy.
7. Ultra-thin body: Optimized internal structure design, use of lighter and thinner materials to create a slimmer design, with a thickness of only 13.4mm.
8. Curved surface tempered glass, make appearance and performance better: The integrated 2.5D glass material is used for the charging panel to improve the cooling efficiency of the car charger for mobile phones, making charging more rapid. The blue display lights up when it is connected.
9. Navigation and driving are completed at the same time, no need to plug in the data cable, no need to remove the shell. Put down to charge, touch the back of the cases to take away, the effective charging distance is 8mm, it can be charged even with a phone case.
10. Reserved space for easy charging, reserve the home button and data cable charging port, and don’t block the phone charging port, smartphones without wireless charging function can be charged with a data cable or wireless receiver.
11. Extendable and foldable: the bracket can be extended to meet the conditions of hands-free access to the phone, and the telescopic arm can be rotated and adjusted to meet the needs of different angles of use.
12. Touch sensing easy to operate: With touch sensor switch button, easy to open at the touch of a button; fingertips light touch the opening key, arms open automatically, easy to remove the phone.
13. 360° rotation adjustment of the universal ball: the ball can be rotated 360° to adjust the angle to meet the needs of multiple angles.
14.Double heat dissipation, safe and efficient: The built-in high-speed fan can intelligently adjust the specially designed concealed air duct entrance according to the power level. At the same time, the cooling bracket and the mobile phone reduce the charging power drop caused by the overheating protection of the mobile phone and greatly reduce the charging time.
15. Over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, overpower protection, over-voltage protection, FOD, over charging protection, electromagnetic field protection.

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