Magsafe Magnet Sticker for Phone

Suitable for mobile phone case with slot MagSafe wireless charger Apple 12 receiving end magnet magnetic guide.

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PC + Magnet + double-sided tape + Protective Sticker






Black, White

Product Details:


Compatibility: QI-enable device
Usage: Universal desktop wireless charger and car wireless charger
Magnet: 36 PCS N52 magnet
Method of application: Remove the protective sticker and stick it on the phone case to use
and stick it on the phone case to use
Color: Black, White
Materials: PC + Magnet + double-sided tape + Protective Sticker
Product Size: 58mm x 1.6mm
OPP Bag Size: 138mm x 80mm x 1.6mm
Net Weight: 6g
Packing List: Magsafe magnet ring sticker + OPP bag
Feature: Safe Conveient
Use for Mobile Phone Case



1. 36 magnets are stable, surface with protective stickers, more stable than ordinary iron adsorption.
2. It can be attached to the outside of the mobile phone shell for wireless charging.
3. It is suitable for both desktop and car wireless charging.

Magnetic deflectors, with a total thickness of 1.5mm, can be removed and used many times. 3M glue can be used for a single time. It is applicable to all kinds of equipment with magnetic absorption function, vehicle support and desktop support. It is more viscous, with a diameter of 58mm, 36 magnets, n52 brand and strong magnetic force.

Installation method of mobile phone case / bare metal mobile phone without shell:

1. Get the mobile phone and installation accessories ready.
2. Put on the case and clean the installation part of the case/installation position of the mobile phone.
3. Tear off the protective sticker.
4. Stick the magnet down to the magnetic suction position of the mobile phone.

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